Help, I'm Partying Too Much! Ways To Get Motivated For Uni

Posted on 27 Oct 2021

We’re all guilty of being a little overindulgent when it comes to alcohol. After all, it helps lift your mood in that moment and allows you to let off some much needed stress from uni. However, how much is too much? If you’re missing deadlines or even missing out on lectures and you’re getting yourself into some serious debt, there might be a problem. If you’ve been partying too hard and are struggling to motivate yourself to make a change, not just for uni life but also your well being, take a look at these tips to help you motivate yourself for uni.

Ask yourself why you’re doing it

It’s important to ask yourself why you’ve lost motivation, and why you’re partying so much. Sure, there’s nothing quite like dancing the night away after a few drinks, but are you doing this to avoid something else? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with uni work and you’re avoiding it, or maybe you’re worried about failing your course and not being good enough? Once you pinpoint the reason, you can set to work on making a positive change.

Create a vision board

All uni students like to drink and party, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s almost a rite of passage when you’re a uni student. However, if you think you’ve lost sight of what you’re working towards, create a vision board to hang in your room. Constantly being reminded of what you’re working towards will help motivate you to stay in and study rather than party all night.

Don’t beat yourself up

If you didn't get the grade you expected on a dissertation or you slept in and missed the lecture you said you'd go to, move on and make a mental note about how you might improve next time. Perhaps you need to do more preparation, set an alarm and get up early each day, or take more breaks between tasks to avoid stress.

Seek help!

Alcoholism is a very real problem no matter what age you are! If you simply cannot bear the thought of not drinking alcohol, then you may have developed an addiction and you should seek help as soon as possible.

If you’re drinking to forget about other problems in your life, you should consider seeking help for those too. There are many charities available to help such as Samaritans, Street Talk and Student Minds. You should also speak to friends and family about what you’re experiencing so you’ve got their support too.

Reward your progress

Finally, it’s important to reward yourself when you achieve something. Whether it’s a week without partying or handing in an essay on time, make sure you reward yourself! You could treat yourself to some new clothes or a pamper day at the weekend to make all of your hard work worth the while!

With these tips you can find motivation and balance between partying and university work! You’ve got this!

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