Maintaining a healthy weight on a student budget

One of the best parts of moving out and fending for yourself is the ability to eat your favourite foods whenever you want. However, not staying healthy is not only detrimental to your overall health, but your studies too. Did you know the food you eat can greatly impact the way your brain functions? Studies have shown that junk food can alter the way you feel by altering the chemical balance in your brain and in turn, can affect your mood and the ability to process information you learn at university.

Maintaining a healthy weight at university also helps with your self confidence, which will aid your ability to make and hold down new friendships, make a good first impression when applying for jobs, and generally keep your self confidence levels high - where they should be. However, eating well isn’t always easy, especially if you’re on a limited budget, so we’ve got some amazing tips on how to maintain a healthy weight on a student budget.

Bulk cook your meals

We totally understand that after a long day at uni and maybe even your part time job that you simply won’t feel like cooking. Use some of your spare time to bulk cook your meals and freeze them for the days you don’t want to cook a meal. Not only can you rest assured there’s a healthy meal at home, but you can minimise the food you waste each month. For example, you could make a multitude of dishes from the chicken you buy rather than leaving it to go out of date in your fridge.

Try shakes and supplements

This option isn’t for everyone, but changing out one of your meals a day for a shake or supplements can really help keep your weight down. Shakes are a great way to “miss a meal” without being left hungry, meaning it’s much easier to cut down on the amount of calories you’re consuming. Not only that, but any nutrients you’re missing in your diet can be added through the use of shakes and supplements. Not sure where to start? Follow this link to the Dare Motivation website, where you can get your hands on 20% off, a free shaker, free t-shirt, and free delivery. It’s worth at least trying shakes to see if it will help maintain a healthy weight, right?!

Use “filler” products

There are many ways to stretch your budget when it comes to meal preparation, particularly when it comes to meat dishes. To boost the nutritional value of your meal while saving money on meat, you can use canned/raw beans, lentils, and soy mince to bulk out your meals.

Pack out your meals with vegetables

Adding more vegetables to pasta dishes, stews, and casseroles can also boost nutritional value and make your meals go further. Vegetables carry very low calorie content and are perfect for packing out dishes, leaving you feeling full and satisfied - without the risk of gaining weight!

Drink plenty of water

Did you know that water is very important when it comes to maintaining your weight? Water is arguably the most important substance to put into your body because it flushes out toxins from your body, helps keep your skin clear, assists with energy levels and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Why not buy a water bottle with times to help keep track of your intake?

Exercise in your room

Finally, exercise is very important, but if you don’t fancy the idea of going for a jog or attending the gym, you may consider buying some resistance bands and doing some workouts in your bedroom. They’re a great way of adding another level of difficulty to your exercise regime and can be used anywhere - especially in the privacy of your own room!

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