Top Tips To Spend Less Money On Nights Out At University

Posted on 25 Oct 2021

Being a student revolves around classes, nights out, workshops, nights out, deadlines, and more nights out, and it typically means having no money or stretching the few pounds you do have left to pay for admission or a pint. But you’re a student, that’s how life is supposed to be! However, as you gulp down your last tenner in a bid to prove your mates wrong, it’s very unlikely that you’re thinking about the financial consequences that you’ll face the next day (and days to come until you’re paid). Let’s take a look at the top tips out there to spend less money on nights out at university so that you can still have the very best of both worlds.


Since drinks in bars and clubs are so costly, you may consider a pre-drink beforehand, as drinks from the supermarket are significantly less expensive and will save you a lot of money. Besides this, supermarket own brands are much less expensive and can get you drunk without the steep price tag that comes with it.

Early entry

Enter the club early after your pre-drinks. Sure, it'll be a little quiet to begin with, but you'll get a discount or even free admission, and who doesn't want a freebie? You can not only save money by not wasting your remaining funds on admission, but you can also avoid the line, which, let's face it, can be very long because every student on campus wants to enter the club at the same time.

Avoid buying rounds

Buying rounds is great, especially when you know you’ve got plenty in the bank to treat you and your friends. However, rounds can turn out to be incredibly expensive, especially when some of your friends order an intricate cocktail that’s three times the price of your pint.

Wear something you already have

Everyone loves getting dressed up in their new outfits, but wearing something you already have means you can save some extra money for your night out (or to save for something else). If you need new makeup, why not try out these affordable yet quality makeup brands instead of spending loads on makeup?

Share a taxi

After a long and fun night out packed with plenty of drinks, the last thing you have to worry about is getting home. Unless you live nearby, it’s unlikely you’ll want to walk home (especially in heels!) and if buses don’t run that late near your campus, you have no choice but to order a taxi. Sharing a taxi with your friends not only splits the cost but also leaves everyone happy that their friends got home okay.

Party at home

Finally, while there’s nothing like hitting the town with your friends, it can be extremely expensive and very hard to keep track of your money (especially after a drink or two!). Hosting a party at home will eliminate a large portion of the costs, and you don’t have to worry about getting home with no money at the end of a long night!

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