Virginia House Lifestyle

Posted on 28 Oct 2021

Here at Elkamy, we understand the importance of moving into a suitable accommodation when it comes to uni. That’s why Virginia House is one of our Elkamy approved listings. Let’s take a look at what Virginia House has in store for uni students.

Leisure area

Enjoy your spare time with a quick game of pool against your buddies, or even meet some new people! Or head over to the yoga studio for some downtime before studying.


Gone are the days of taking your laundry back home to be washed. With free facilities available on each floor, you can wear your favourite clothes whenever you feel like it.

Cinema room

We know how important it is to have some down time, especially before a big exam or even after a long week of work and uni, so we know you’ll absolutely love relaxing in the huge bean bags while watching some kick ass movies.

Gym facilities

Staying fit and healthy is important, and if you choose Virginia House, you’ll be able to use the gym whenever you feel like it - all included in the price! They also have personal trainers available for anyone who would like the extra support at reduced rates.

Secure post boxes

There’s nothing worse than lost post, especially if you’re waiting eagerly for something important. At Virginia House you don’t have to worry about that with individualised post boxes. Another reason why they’re an Elkamy approved listing.

Security guard patrols

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own space, and you’ll be able to rest assured that the building is being protected under the watchful eye of your very own security guard patrols.

High speed Wi-Fi

We all know how annoying it is when you’re dealing with slow internet speeds, and as a uni student, you won’t have time to wait around for the internet to catch up with you! Thankfully, Virginia House has super fast Wi-Fi, so you’ll never have that problem if you’re choosing to live here.


Perhaps one of the most appealing features of Virginia House is that it’s located in the heart of Worcester, just a few short minutes away from campus, and close to everything you could ever want or need - saving you money on travel expenses!

Put simply, we think that Virginia House is an excellent choice for uni students looking for somewhere to live. Why not book a viewing and secure your room sooner rather than later?


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