What is Elkamy?

A little about us...

Welcome to Elkamy! What do we do? We’ve created this platform specifically for university students. We understand that uni life isn’t always easy, and we wanted to create a safe space for students to gain access to useful university resources, meet new people, grab amazing discounts and most importantly, be part of a collective that believes in student voices being heard.

You can use your platform to talk to fellow students about your uni course, arrange nights out, join herds around your interests, discover local hotspots near you, and ask questions to the Elkamy community about anything and everything!

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Connect with people

Finding friends - whether new or existing - is now easier than ever. You can find friends that are going to the same university as you, or even friends on the same course as you at another university! Connect with as many people as possible to make your uni experience much more fulfilling.

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Create herds

We created herds to help students like yourself connect with likeminded people. You can create a herd between you and your course mates to discuss assignments, create one planning drinks in town at the weekend, or create one for your society to keep in touch with everyone or set up events.

Whatever the reason, you can easily stay connected when it matters the most.

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Student Life

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Health and Well-being

Last updated on 21 Mar 2022
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Find yourself a room

The accommodation feature allows you to find student halls, search for private properties, and even list a spare room if you’re in need of a housemate (coming soon!). We’ve done all of the hard work so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Farrier House

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Study Inn - Talbot Street

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Volume Works

Elegant Apartments: Exclusively for Students Our new Birmingham City Centre residences sta...
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Get support

Student life isn’t always a breeze and every now and then you may find that things are getting on top of you. Whether you’re finding it difficult to manage studying and working, or you’re struggling with your mental health, it’s important to seek help! There are some incredible charities that can help you and here at Elkamy, we fully support their ventures. We understand that being a student is tough and you may need a helping hand from time to time. Don’t suffer in silence!

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A few things we're asked most often...

We created Elkamy to support students through their university journey, so we’ve created our platform to be a safe space for you to hang out, create and find new content, and enjoy our growing list of tools for students to use to make uni life easier.

Most definitely. We will be at as many student fairs as possible to help show students like yourself that uni life can be much easier with us! Plus, we always come armed with loads of freebies!

Communities are packed full of content you’re interested in. When you sign up for Elkamy, all you have to do is check your interests, nicely wrapped up as a community and all of the content you see will be relevant to you. You can change this at any time.

Herds are to help you separate different parts of your uni life. You can join herds for fun, arranging a night out, a society, or even gathering uni friends for a study session. You can also create herd chats to stay connected.

Using herds comes with loads of additional benefits, such as exclusive local discounts you can only redeem as a herd. You'll just need to stay in the loop to make sure you don't miss out!

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. It’s tough being a student, and our goal is to make life easier for university students. There's loads of ways to get involved with Elkamy as a student (besides simply using Elkamy), such as becoming an ambassador, or even a content creator!

Drop us an email at hello@elkamy.com with your ideas and we’d love to chat!

We've got your back - sometimes there's something that you need to know but want to keep it hush-hush, and that’s why we’ve added a function allowing you to ask a question to other students anonymously.

You can post that you’re looking for a roommate using our local accommodation features. That way, you can be sure only relevant people see your listing.

Your listing will show some of your herds and communities to those interested, meaning you are more likely to have a room mate you have more in common with. We have worked hard to make sure your safety is of priority, but please always be vigilant. There is plenty of information about staying safe on the Elkamy's property pages.

Don’t worry! We’re working hard to apply offers to all areas of the UK as we speak. Keep checking back for great offers and discounts! You can see the locations across the UK that we're currently at, but we'll be everywhere soon!